Inventor in Beirut International Innovation Show BIIS 2022


The description : The Joshen is a protective shield against bullets and shrapnel from flying shells. It is made of solid materials and a mixture of different chemicals that are not known in the manufacture of traditional armor. It has a mass of 2.4 kg. It protects the chest and abdomen and is covered with a military camouflage fabric. The shield was tested by specialists in military work and after approval was obtained by the concerned authorities in the Bekaa region. The experiment was carried out in two phases, the first with a bomb action weapon and the use of 7-shot bullets at a distance of 6 meters, and the second was carried out with a 7 mm caliber weapon, the results of the two experiments were successful and nothing happened armor penetration. Oblectifs: Protection of diplomats and media personnel (journalists and photographers) and medical personnel (members of the Red Cross, Civil Defense, Doctors Without Borders and nurses) during armed conflicts from the danger of injury from bullets and shrapnel from explosive shells. Materials : Solid materials, linen fabric, camouflage fabric, liquid and solid chemicals mixed and then solidified. Fibers of certain materials.