Al-Sabri Robotic Microscopic Technology



Inventor in Beirut International Innovation Show BIIS 2022
Union of Arab Academics


AL-SABRI ROBOTIC MICR0SCOPIC . TEC ( S . R. M.TEC ) Abstract The device performs automatic and robotic analysis of microscopic samples (microscopic slides), reading, analyzing and diagnosing it self, wirelessly and remotely with the possibility of direct looking, monitoring and follow-up for the entire stages of analysis to avoid errors (and without any use of expensive and expensive solutions Also , this invention works as a counting device for globules, cells and similar bodies separately, so it is considered an automatic microscopic counting device without solutions at all. It shortens three medical laboratory devices and performs their function. Therefore, the device combines several devices in one device linked to a light microscope (a compact laboratory medical device). What distinguishes this device from others: is the early detection of epidemics, pandemics and infectious diseases, their preservation and official reporting to the competent authorities before the spread of the epidemic. It is also the first device in the world that reads, analyzes and diagnoses tissue samples and cancer and benign tumors.. (Histopathology) , (Cytology) and (Hematology) . The device can be a home use and be used at home for personal and family examination and for everyone For the general public to samples of body fluids and its output from urine, stool and sperm samples for ease and pleasure of using the simple device, avoiding contact with patients in hospitals, laboratories and medical centers and avoiding the occurrence or transmission of any pathological infection. Therefore, it enhances the principle of safety and security, and with this device and this technology it is possible to contribute effectively in the aspect of study and education about After in medical specialties, especially laboratory and directly online The connection of the microscope with a direct link to the mobile and the computer and their systems allows it to continuously update and keep abreast of everything new, modern and developed in an accelerated and very fast way and to add and develop all systems, applications and innovative programs and with an open system and without any use of expensive and expensive solutions.