Herbal medicine to cure diseases Fatty Liver Constipation

khabat khedri

khabat khedri

Inventor in Beirut International Innovation Show BIIS 2022



The invention is relating to herbal medicine for the treatment of liver failure and sever constipation and the treatment of ulcers and anti-cancer miracle drug. This product is made from four plants (Nigella Sativa, bitter Almond leaf, Chanterelle Cichory leaf) and two saps (gum, honey) which is strong and Antioxidant and has a great influence on the liver and it is useful for fatty liver and it can also be useful for all types of hepatitis. By relying on this drug, it can heal many liver disorders, including liver failure, liver cancer and severe fatty liver. With interference of active antioxidants and pistacia gum, Nigella Sativa and Natural honey, the activity of Acetyle-co-carboxylase (ACE) and deacyl-glycerd azyl trans feras (DGAT) enzymes which results in a 36% decrease in the content of VLDL triglycerides. The interference Flavonoids in the liver cells, there is a significant effects on the activity of limiting enzyme of the cholesterol synthesis pathway, namely HMG-Coareductase. Flavonoids in the liver cells result in the reduction of the compound of labeled acetate (1-14C) with fatty acid.