Insect Monitor

Hani Allush

Hani Allush

Inventor in Beirut International Innovation Show BIIS 2022


Our innovation” insect monitor” aims at making the control of the insects in the farms and worldwide of the important crops easier, more economic with less impact on the ecosystem.the innovation allows also the drawing of a worldwide map of the insects distribution and time of attack as well . The innovation made use of the development in the artificial intelligence by incorporating digital camera,Arduino micro chip, local and public internet web, sustainable power supply, in addition to the use of the most advanced developments in agriculture particularly the use of selective insects trap which uses the selective insects attracting pheromone( a volatile chemical substance secreted by the female insect to attract the males in the season of reproduction). we expect from our innovation to be the first corner stone in the launching of a new generation of pests control to ensure more food security over the world, and we expect the rapid exchange of experience in the related fields As an agriculture engineer, I have my own vision, that nobody else can see, which states that the world food security is a must