Radiation Intelligent Eye (Radie)

Mohamad Ismail

Mohamad Ismail

Inventor in Beirut International Innovation Show BIIS 2022


Radiation Intelligent Eye (Radie) , is a multi purpose control and intelligent device designed to check the existence of radiation around. This device is working according to the optional detecting module supplied with the main unit. In our case is a X-Ray eye designed to use in hospital radiology departments or in a scientific research centers or in airports , it can detect the existence of X-Ray , time of exposure and intensity , and display it , save in an internal SD card or send it to hospital information system (HIS) or radiology information system (RIS). Why we need it in hospital , it is multi purpose : 1- Detecting the number of exposures per day, measure it and send it to the Special departments in order to compare with the number of patients requested an x-ray images. 2- it can give us the total x-ray tube life exposures (the tube life is an amount of exposures and the manufacturer warranty is according to this amount per year) 3- can alert the operator or the Radiologist or any personal passing by radiology department , from the existence of x-ray , because of its danger and specially on pregnant. 4- we can use it by biomedical Engineering department in case of abnormal intensity 5- it can notify the operator to stop the exposure in case of detecting a passing personnel All the thanks for the BIIS staff.