Sally Al Sarraj

Sally Al Sarraj

Inventor in Beirut International Innovation Show BIIS 2023



Overview: Date seed powder and date seed extract has been used previously in various applications in the food industry, one of which is the use of date seed powder in the marination of meat. From this knowledge the idea of our invention begins wherein we aim to test both the date seed extract and the date seed effect as tenderizing agent on beans, specifically on pinto beans, since they are the hardest of all kinds and require most time to be cooked.

Problem: Beans are known for their hard texture that requires extensive time to soften. The most significant issue is the Gas and water consumed to cook beans.

Solution: Adding a specific quantity of date seed extract aids in softening beans, and thus saving time, water and gas. In addition, date seeds add a flavor to the beans that increases individual’s acceptability of them.

Target from participation in BIIS: Our target from participation is to highlight the importance of using natural by-products like date seeds as an additive in food industry as a simple solution that improves both the cooking and dining experience for chefs and consumers.