Nour youssef zalghout

Nour youssef zalghout

Inventor in Beirut International Innovation Show BIIS 2023



Creating a homemade water filter using avocado and eggshells, gravel, sand, aloe vera, and chia grains is a commendable effort to address water purification challenges sustainably. This innovative project aims to provide a low-cost solution to communities facing water contamination issues, ensuring access to safe and potable water.

The filter’s design harnesses the natural filtering properties of different materials, like activated carbon from avocado shells and minerals from eggshells. Gravel and sand remove larger particles, while aloe vera and chia grains offer eco-friendly antibacterial properties.

The project targets the development of a simple, cost-effective, and sustainable water filtration system that can be easily replicated in areas with inadequate access to clean water. It also promotes the conservation of natural resources and reduces plastic waste associated with commercial water purification.

However, there are challenges to address, such as filtration rate optimization, maintenance, and adaptation to different water sources’ conditions. Conducting thorough testing and research will be essential to tailor the filter’s design to specific contexts and contaminants.