Inventor in Beirut International Innovation Show BIIS 2023



Overview: Empower Engagement with the Innovation and Engagement Platform (IEP)

Problem: Traditional Tools Fall Short Existing software and web platforms limit organizations. They lack controllability and struggle to adapt to unique needs, especially concerning server functions.

Solution: IEP – Total Control, No Limits IEP, powered by Bracket Technology, eliminates these constraints. Subscribers gain full control with the easy yet powerful Bracket Language, enabling direct live access to server and browser, including data, functions, and design.

Platform: Comprehensive Services IEP offers a suite of services: Engagement, Recruitment, Forms, Accounting, E-Learning, E-Booking, and E-Commerce. It’s the all-in-one solution you’ve been searching for.

Revenue Model: Affordable and Flexible Subscribers pay $25/month per service, with reasonable server usage limits. Exceeding these limits incurs additional charges. We aim to reach over 1,000 subscribers in the first year.

Target: Who Benefits? IEP suits associations, clubs, syndicates, municipalities, and more, seeking a fully controllable, all-in-one platform to drive engagement, innovation, and growth.

Invest in IEP: Revolutionize Engagement Invest in IEP to revolutionize how organizations connect and thrive. IEP’s innovation has earned recognition with gold medals in international invention competitions, making it a game-changer for your engagement needs.