Inventor in Beirut International Innovation Show BIIS 2023


This machine is new method for production fish feed based on Artemia .Artemia-related products (cyst including: matters related to principled harvesting, diapause removal, contamination determination, initial processing, final processing, drying and packaging, production of dehydrated and wet dehydrated cysts, hatch-capable dehydrated cysts with a shelf life of more than 6 Moon without the need for refrigerators and biomass Artemia including: live Artemia – disinfected – and enriched and frozen Normal and enriched, Artemia in different stages of life based on size, especially Naples Artemia enriched, Artemia flakes, Artemia powder , Artemia Essay, Artemia paste and Artemia extract – the products introduced with the new formulation do not need a refrigerator and only the dry cyst that can be supplied needs a refrigerator -) is completely achievable. Also, in order to achieve more product (cyst and biomass) in swimming pools and production of magnetic cysts and cysts enriched with plant extracts (anti-viral), a research team will be formed in this field and in the form of research projects, Feasibility study and product production at laboratory, pilot and commercial levels According to statistics, Turkey annually imports 70 tons of dry cysts at a price of $ 60 to $ 80 (good quality and standard) per kilogram. If this product is produced and processed in Turkey, it will be offered at a price of 45 to 50 $, and in addition to a reasonable price, employment will also be created.