SE1 – cold room temperature monitoring

Mohammad mahdi Joumaa

Mohammad Mahdi Joumaa

Inventor in Beirut International Innovation Show BIIS 2021


Cold room REMOTE Temperature monitoring is critical for cold rooms, walk-in freezers, cold storages, etc. This is especially important for the storage of medicines, vaccines, fruits, vegetables, ice cream, frozen food, chicken, meat, cheese, butter, etc. They are suitable for walk-in refrigerators, blood bank facilities, medical laboratories, vaccine storage, etc. Any such cold storage will require that the temperature should remain within a certain upper and lower limits.

Benefits of Remote Monitor:

  1. This cold room alert system can measure and record from -50°C to +125°C.
  2. The device has recording and REMOTE monitoring functions(ANY WHERE ANYTIME).
  • The cold room recording function will record temperature within the device and will transmit to a central server in a timely manner(each 60 second).
  1. The cold room monitoring function of this cold storage monitoring system will keep on checking whether the temperature is exceeding the upper or lower limits.
  2. When the temperature exceeds the limits, it will activate an alert system sending email, ANDROID/IOS NOTIFICATION , and phone call alerts.
  3. The data of the cold room monitoring system will be continuously recorded on a cloud-based server.
  4. The device can work on batteries without main power supply.
  5. There are different models in WiFi and wireless transmission methods.
  6. It use IoT Technology And also it can be used to run Emergency power source