PH1 – Flying Telescope

Habib ElKak

Habib ElKak

Inventor in Beirut International Innovation Show BIIS 2021


Dust and light pollution in the cities of the world were an obstacle between peoples eyes and the sky, including stars ,galaxies, comets, planets, and moon hence the idea of inventing a plane telescope to get rid of this problem.


1-the telescope is taken out by a drone from the dust and light pollution layer over cities and deserts
2-capture images and wavelengths more accurate and clearer of the celestial bodies of stars galaxies planets moon and comets
3-enjoy the observation within the cities and deserts as if the telescope is on top of a distant mountain
4-reducing the costs of trips from cities to the mountains for research and astronomical evenings there
5-dissemination and revial of astronomical culture within densely populated cities
6-helping astronomers living in cities in their research about the nature of celestial bodies by capturing more light spectra