CM1 – modern electrocouglation process (MEC)

Emad Alobiadoon

Emad Alobiadoon

Inventor in Beirut International Innovation Show BIIS 2021


The MEC process is the electrochemical that will be formation
of the coagulant substance between the electrode rather than
used the chemical during the treatment. In the cathode electrode
the hydrolysis of the water that will be formation of the
hydrogen and hydroxide, but in the anode the oxidation process
of the electrode metal. The use of the modern electrocogulation,
we can use the MEC process in industry field such as the
petrochemical and pharmaceutical and food and water
treatment plants in addition the MEC process have wide uses in
daily life activity such as irrigation also we can make the water
that come out from MEC process drinkable by making hyperprocess with RO system (reverse osmosis).The working
efficiency of the MEC depend upon the current and voltage and
space between the electrode also the pH and temperature. We
modify the normal electrocoagulation by replace the normal
sources of the energy with solar cell, also we increase the
removal efficiency od the MEC process by increase the work
efficiency of the coagulant substance by chemical and physical
factor, also we make two design of the MEC process that will
be investments in the industry filed and another design will be
investments in society to improve the water security.