ON3 – Paint absorbs X-ray

Razan Hamed al-kalbani

Razan Hamed al-kalbani

Inventor in Beirut International Innovation Show BIIS 2021

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In this invention, lead defects are eliminated while maintaining strong shielding properties in hospital diagnostic X-ray rooms. The coating is resistant to radiation leakage. I have studied a natural compound that can attenuate x-rays. The study concluded that the material is characterized by its flexibility and ease of formation with the effectiveness of radiation shielding. The absorbent substance is lycopene. Lycopene is the red pigment found in tomatoes, melon materials, red fruits and vegetables. I have extracted lycopene from tomatoes and conducted laboratory tests. It have proven a very effective ability to absorb radiation from 400 to 800 nm. Then, I mixed lycopene with paint using a unique strategy to ensure that the properties of the lycopene were not lost. The paint has proven to absorb 97% of radiation. The coating properties are very unique. The coating is used in hospital x-ray rooms. As for the secondary advantages of the coating, it is 95% heat-insulating, 100% waterproof and prevents moisture and the formation of mold. As for the mechanical advantage, it is less expensive than shielding bullets. As for the condition of the product, store for 12 months in a cool dry place, the product should not be exposed to the sun.