The participation of the Lebanese inventors, under the supervision of the National Association for Science and Research, in ISIF 2018, was very fruitful

The Lebanese delegation, headed by Dr. Ahmad Chaalan, had four inventors.  They received four medals from the exhibition (two gold, one silver and one bronze) and three medals from different associations from Germany, Romania and Iran

Celebrating their victory for Lebanon

Dr. Chaalan was chosen among the “International Judge Committee” of the exhibition, as Lebanon is the Focal Point of IFIA in the Middle East and North Africa

Receiving an award from a German Association

Dr Chaalan offered awards, on behalf of the Lebanese National Association, to the inventor Dr. Leyla Türker Şener from Turkey, in addition to inventors from Indonesia, Iraq and Germany

Offering NASR award to the inventor Dr. Leyla Türker Şener from TURKEY
NASR award